Artful Touch Tacoma

“There are some respects in which the term ‘bodywork’ does not please me. It conveys well enough the idea of the body being touched in a deliberate fashion for specific results, but it does nothing to evoke the powerful emotional responses and shifts in mental attitudes which often accompany those physical manipulations. However, I confess I am hard put to find a term which, on the whole, serves better.”

Deane Juhan, Job’s Body

I’m Courtnee Fallon Rex LMT, CGRS, bodyworker, and the sole proprietor of Artful Touch (#MA60035095). I am a former circus aerialist and instructor, a touring musician, a recovering techie, and a 2008 graduate of the renowned Brian Utting School of Massage. I currently hold certifications in intraoral, Somatic Unwinding®, and The Grief Recovery Method®.

Let your journey begin

Just one small step can affect how you feel, right now.

While sitting however you’re sitting, or standing however you’re standing, and without trying to actively change anything, close your eyes and take a moment to notice what it feels like to inhabit your body.

Once you’ve observed some sensations, in your mind, ask of this internal feeling sense “What could be lighter?”. Let the question wash over and through you. What could be lighter?

Did your head tip back? Your shoulders relax? Did you suddenly notice an easier way to hold your phone?

Now ask of your felt sense “What could be freer?”. Allow yourself to move and flow in any way you are called, allowing for the shifts and reactions to take place organically, with curiosity rather than prescription or force.

“What could be freer?”
“What could be softer?”
“What can expand?”

“What can let go?”

Notice what it feels like to inhabit your body while sitting however you’re sitting, or standing however you’re standing. What feels different? How has your sense of yourself been altered? How has your breathing changed?

Services Overview

Somatic Unwinding®

Somatic Unwinding® is best for those seeking to establish or repair a nurturing relationship with Self by tuning in to your bodies unique language of subtle neurological signals. It is a deep dive into your felt sense which leverages nourishing, easeful movement to reprogram limiting patterns from within. I have used this modality to help intellectualized clients cultivate a warm and inviting sense of their bodies, as well as to assist in repair of neurological dysfunction and traumas. Somatic Unwinding is the cornerstone of my practice, and the basis for much of the homework I tend to give after a session. It feels really good, too!


My massage approach could accurately be described as a craniosacral inspired, Trager-informed, neuromuscular deep tissue, with a splash of myofacial release. While the intensity of sensation varies greatly among those selections, a common thread with most massage techniques I’ve chosen to specialize in is the intent of communicating with your unconscious nervous system to affect change. Compressions, rocking, stretching, and vibration are hallmarks of most of my massage sessions, and a good portion of the massage work I offer can be performed through a clients clothing.

Signature Session

Signature Sessions are for people who are interested in exploring the full array of bodywork education I offer, potentially even in a single appointment. They are my preferred method of working to get profound results quickly, as a Signature Session leaves room for realtime adjustments and switching gears based on immediate feedback. Beginning with an attentive and thorough intake, we spend an hour and a half leveraging a variety of the tips, tricks, experiences and techniques at my disposal to support your recovery and self-sufficiency.

The Grief Recovery Method®

The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence based, action-oriented education program proven to help people let go of the pain and suffering surrounding the misfortune in their lives. It’s taught in a series of eight weekly classes, with online scheduling coming soon: for now Grief Recovery Method® programs can be requested, or discussed in a Self Care Consultation.

Self Care Consultation

A Self Care Consultation is basically just the intake portion of a Signature session. Done in the studio or over the phone, this 10-20 minute conversation is for people who are unsure what Artful Touch services might best fit their particular needs, or are looking for informed support in creating a self care plan.