How Artful Touch is responding to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Student Grocery Outreach donations – March 19, 2020

Artful Touch Massage is closed to the public indefinitely. The studio is currently being utilized as a donation dropoff site for TMAC (Tacoma Mutual Aid Collective)‘s Student Grocery Outreach, a program providing food for kids who rely on school lunches.

Donation dropoff hours at Artful Touch are noon to 6pm Monday to Wednesday. Please initiate contact with your ETA ahead of time.

Some items we are in need of:
-low prep foods
-instant oatmeal
-dry snacks
-granola bars
-instant noodles
-canned soup
-canned veggies
-peanut butter

You can support this effort financially by emailing grocery giftcards to: or via PayPal at

Meet Your Practitioner!

Courtnee Fallon Rex LMT, CGRS (MA60035095)

Non-binary anarchist renaissance person. Former circus aerial instructor, recovering techie, and 2008 graduate of the renowned Brian Utting School of Massage. Currently holding certifications in intraoral, Somatic Unwinding®, and The Grief Recovery Method®. I am the sole proprietor of Artful Touch, where I utilize evidence-informed techniques to respectfully invite ones limiting patterns to be recognized, and unwound.

The future of Artful Touch

Firstly, Tacoma, let me say what an honor it has been to work with you in your recovery, discovery, and healing for the last year and a half. I’m so grateful to all my clients and supporters for your generous spirits and open, curious hearts, and I deeply miss working with you.

I’m considering virtual service options, welcoming online coaching, somatic unwinding, and grief recovery sessions. If you’d like to work with me remotely, please send a request. Thank you sincerely for your support while I attempt to transform my intimate, in-person healing practice and work in the meantime to support Tacoma’s vulnerable as best I can.

How you can help Artful Touch now

Thank you for considering how to help Artful Touch remain viable. I recognize how meaningful that is with the magnitude of what we all have going on in our lives. Some ways you can help include purchasing a gift card and leaving a positive google or yelp review. I intend to focus more on the art side of Artful Touch in the foreseeable future. You can browse my artwork, listen to my music, and join my recurring supporters to enable that, and my maintaining the studio while my bodywork practice is shut down.

Thank you as always for your patronage and your trust, and remember to take care of you.

Artful Touch Self Care Studio Logo

Services Overview

Medical Massage

Side lying Deep Tissue. Neuromuscular. Muscle energy. Myofascial release. Intraoral. Nice smells. I use all this and more to aid in your wellness, enhance your calm, treat your injuries, and alleviate those pesky blues.

Somatic Unwinding®

While laying comfortably on the floor, be vocally guided through a meditative somatic education that combines simple repeating movements with a powerful form of felt-sense awareness rarely utilized in everyday life.

Grief Recovery

An evidence based, action-oriented education program proven to help people let go of the pain and suffering surrounding the loss they’ve experienced in their lives. Group and One-on-one series, taught in eight weekly classes (request consultation below).

Signature Session

A bespoke experience designed to support your recovery and self-sufficiency. Attentive intake informs the selection of techniques such as massage, breathwork, energy work, sound healing, postural education, and Somatic Unwinding®.

Instantaneous, 24/7 booking

Three Minute Tune-up

Headphones recommended