A special offer for activists and healers

My next grief recovery group, an 8 week grief recovery method course which begins Tuesday Jan 13th at 7pm, will be PAY WHAT YOU CAN, for ACTIVISTS and HEALERS.

If I’ve sent you to this post, it’s because I support your self care in the work you are doing and want to invite you to be a recipient of mine for what you can comfortably pay for it. I have by no means contacted everyone who falls into this category directly – if you’re an activist and/or healer and you want in on this, tell me! You may choose to respond publicly here if you like, but know that the actual groups are confidential.

Read about the work: http://artfultouch.info/grief-recovery/

Sign up: https://artfultouch.fullslate.com/services/18?start=2552

Yes, you can invite an activist/healer friend to participate, just have them sign up directly through me once you’ve shared the opportunity with them.

My groups are small – if there is more interest than what I can accommodate, I will add a Thursday evening group starting the same week (so that I don’t lose my mind trying to keep track of two classes two days apart on different stops on the track)

Pay what you can is literal, and also CONFIDENTIAL. I move through the world on a shoe string constantly dancing to make ends meet, I know what that feels like at various stages and I will not turn anyone away: For reference, I usually charge $320 for the total 8 weeks, about $25 of which goes directly into the book and materials for your course. If you happen to be in a place in your life where you can comfortably pay more right now, please pay more to help offset the people who are unable to pay anything.

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