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Every breath is an opportunity to release.

Amazing how obviously simple truths from just the right angle at just the right time can be such profound experiences in our lives, isn’t it? Sorta like getting hit in the face with a brick you’ve known since kindergarden. In

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No pain, no gain, right? Wrong.

In my work, I am consistently disheartened by the misconception that only massage that excessively hurts, works. Similarly, I notice a consistent misconception that deep tissue means only one thing: having someone steamroll painfully over spastic musculature to get to

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Deep Tissue: It probably doesn’t mean what you think.

Over the last 6 years of bodywork practice, in my intake process, I’ve asked all my new clients what sorts of bodywork experience they have had, including types of massages they’ve received and liked, the one’s they’ve disliked, how often

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