“Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

Artful Touch does not offer billing services; All payments are due at time of service.

Bodywork Sessions

  • $100 per (generous) hour.

  • Introduction package! $275 (New clients only) A proper introduction between us takes about three sessions. The first, I get to know you and what techniques you best respond to. Next, we start to uncover what you’ve got going on and begin to map out a plan. Third, we start making a difference in your life. Buy a 3-session introduction suite and save $25.

The Grief Recovery Method® Packages

Please note that I am rarely able to offer full Grief Recovery courses due to the nature of my consistent travels. Please confirm with me before paying!

Grief Recovery courses include your own copy of The Grief Recovery HandBook.

Payment Methods:

I accept CASH, CHECK, and credit cards via Square Market.

I appreciate your Business

Thank you for investing in yourself and in me!

Artful Touch is a small, single-practitioner business directly supporting me, a person named Courtnee, trying to get by. The money I make through Artful Touch goes directly toward sustaining my self, my wellness practice and my artistry. Thank you for making a difference in my life!