“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams

“If you are in Seattle, Courtnee is one of the finest massage therapists I’ve encountered.” Neil Gaiman, Artful Touch Client since 2013 (and the last client I saw in my old office in Pioneer Square!)

“I was gifted the 6 month challenge and my body is so different today (two years later) because of it. Getting regular massage helped me recognize how much stress I was holding in my body and it helped me relieve it in a way that occasional massage couldn’t quite do. I am calmer, more in tune with myself, and better at finding a healthy balance because I know the difference between feeling good and feeling bad. Doing the challenge with Courtnee was an unforgettable experience. ” — Jessica Chen, Artful Touch client since 2009

“As a professional aerialist, I am always in need of bodywork – and exceptionally picky about who I let work on me! Courtnee is one of the few massage practitioners I trust.” — Beverly Sobelman, Artful Touch client since 2008

“I am a licenced physical therapist (10 and 1/2 years) therefore I am VERY particular, and critical of therapists who work on my body. Courtnee is awesome! I look forward to my sessions with her- she has great manual skills and anatomical knowledge. Because she is also active with physical arts she can empathize with my symptoms and helps me find relief that I cannot on my own. I highly recommend her massage services to all my friends and patients.” — Michele, Artful Touch client since 2008

“My life has dramatically changed in the course of this (6 month) challenge. My daily chronic pain has been erased. I am far more in tune with my body’s needs, and have a healthier outlet for the tension in my life. I look forward to my sessions as a continued and necessary renewal of my body.” — Natalie Walker, Artful Touch client since 2011

“Courtnee is exactly what you want in a regular and ongoing massage provider, she remembers every detail, and uses that to build a progression that gets better with each session.” — Jenn Quattrocchi, Artful Touch client since 2010

“If you are looking for a great masseuse… you have found her! I have been in Courtnee’s gifted hands for over a year. We have worked through injury, stress, etc. and she can both address difficult issues and provide a great experience.” — Lisa Hansen, Artful Touch client since 2009

“Courtnee is nothing short of amazing. She goes beyond the basic massage and helps teach you body awareness and somatics to not only help whatever is hurting but to prevent it from hurting later.” — Blake Partridge, Artful Touch client since 2013

“Courtnee is a skilled and gifted healer. I recommend her for anyone who wants to feel better in any way.” — Kirsten Lauzon, Artful Touch client since 2008

Note: Many of these reviews were originally posted to the Artful Touch Yelp page.